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Donated till now: 404,00€ = Kilos of waste collected from rivers

everwave's Plastic Credits

everwave protects the marine ecosystem by using garbage boats and river platforms to clean rivers of waste and return it to the cycle, inspiring businesses, inspiring policymakers and people to create a sustainable and circular environment.

Plastic Credits: Inspired by the concept of CO2 neutrality, everwave helps people to offset their garbage footprint. For 1€ everwave collects 1kg of garbage from waters around the world. This is then fed back into the cycle as locally as possible. Operating locations of everwave are for example Bosnia and Herzegowina, Cambodia or Slovakia.

Get your Oceanlover Bundle

everwave teamed up with Bracenet, who create lovely accessories out of abandoned  fisher nets. You now have the chance to become part of the wave and fight against both the ghost nets in the sea & the garbage in our rivers: 

The Bundle includes:
a size-adjustable Tasman Sea Bracenet, an art print of everwave (by Dave) and an exclusive poster board. As an extra your support will enable everwave to collect 10kg of garbage from a river:  For each order, you will receive a certificate of waste collection by email.

This cooperation is part of the International Ocean Film Tour. Therefore we are happy to donate 2 Euros for each bundle sold to the fundraising partners of the International Ocean Film Tour.


This website is hosted by everwave community e.V. – the money you are contributing is a donation to the everwave community e.V. 

Donation receipt: We are happy to issue a receipt for donations over 300 euros. To do so, please send an email to donation@everwave.de.